MiniTad launches Hyper Local Delivery service.

MiniTad a bespoke manufacturer of personal electric vehicles today announced the launch of “Tadpole” a Hyper Local Delivery service.

Tadpole is positioned to be a last-mile, micromobility delivery service for the gig economy.

The service provides delivery for small food establishments looking to cater to a micro radius of their location.

By providing personal electric vehicles to a fleet of delivery pilots, Tadpole provides a full service delivery platform that is more efficient and practical for 1 to 2 mile drops.

Tadpole partners simple provide a delivery menu and pricing. When an order is received, Tadpole collects funds, deploys a pilot, places order and completes delivery.

Tadpole charges $2.95 for each delivery that doesn’t include gratuity for the pilot.

All deliverers are carried out by pilots operating a MiniTad 1.0 + personal electric vehicle. Customers are able to track all deliverers with a smartphone running the Tadpole web app.

The MiniTad is a crossover personal electric vehicle (PEV) that is capable of a top speed of 18 mph and a range of 15 miles on a single charge. The vehicle weighs about 17 pounds making it an ideal solution for last-mile delivery.

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