MiniTad 1.0

Roads and pathways around the world are increasingly filled with the hum of electric scooters, e-bikes and monowheels as e-mobility meets micromobility. But which vehicle should you choose?

To qualify as a last-mile vehicle, the general rule is, a device has to be light enough to carry up a flight of stairs and small enough to stash under a cafe table. Its battery should last at least 10 miles, and most important, it has to get you where you’re going without leaving you sweaty.

The MiniTad weighs in at 17lbs, light enough to carry and has a length of 18 inches, so small enough to stash!

This little beast can go 15 miles on a single charge without kicking or peddling, making it the ultimate personal electric vehicle.

MiniTad is a perfect solution for last-mile delivery.

Use for urban commutes or earn some extra cash by using MiniTad for last-mile delivery with ubereats.